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Filipino Breakfast Names

The term breakfast in the Philippines is also known as agahan or almusal.

Most Filipinos consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day.  As early as 5:00 AM, Pinoy moms would usually start preparing breakfast for their children before they go to school.  Unlike a typical American family who usually eat french toasts, pancakes, cereals, oatmeal,  or eggs for breakfast, the common Filipino family usually eat silog or fried rice (sinangag) with meat and eggs (itlog) on the side.  Often times, simple Pinoys just love to eat plain steamed white rice with daing or tuyo with vinegar on the side.  A bowl of hot champorado – sticky rice with cocoa with tuyo or daing on the side serves as a comfort food during the rainy seasons.

The elderly Filipino people and a lot of teenagers prefer to eat hot pandesal with their favorite brand of butter, jam, or jelly and accompanied with the sweet aroma of brewed coffee.  Filipinos also love to eat the sweet suman, puto, or rice cake accompanied by their favorite cup of tea.

Filipino men prefer to eat a heavier meal especially when their work requires a lot of manual labor, heavy lifting, and even using a lot of muscles or energy.  Loads of white rice with meat is what they commonly eat in the mornings.

Most carinderia or small eateries, tapsilugan, and restaurants, fastfood joints like Jollibee and McDonalds, and even food stalls at the malls have slowly incorporated breakfast value meals in their menus to cater to the breakfast needs of its customers.  These breakfast meals are often referred to as silogs and are accompanied by a strong aromatic black coffee called kapeng barako, refreshing tea or tsaa, or hot chocolate milk (hot cocoa).  A banana is also served to complete your almusal or agahan meal.  Here are the different kinds of Filipino Breakfast Names for silogs that Filipinos have loved and enjoyed for years:

  1. Longsilog  – combination of longganisa, sinangag, itlog
  2. Tocilog – combination of tocino, sinangag, itlog
  3. Tapsilog – combination of tapa, sinangag, itlog
  4. Bangsilog – combination of bangus/milkfish, sinangag, itlog
  5. Chosilog – combination of chorizo/pork sausage, sinangag, itlog
  6. Spamsilog – combination of spam meat, sinangag, itlog
  7. Hotsilog – combination of hotdogs, sinangag, itlog
  8. Chiksilog – combination of fried chicken, sinangag, itlog
  9. Cornsilog – combination of corned beef, sinangag, itlog
  10. Dangsilog – combination of danggit/rabbitfish, sinangag, itlog
  11. Litsilog – combination of lechon or roasted pig meat, sinangag, itlog
  12. Shangsilog – combination of Lumpiang Shanghai, sinangag, itlog
  13. Malingsilog – combination of Maling meat, sinangag, itlog

Typical Filipino Breakfast Names

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