Thursday 18th September 2014

Christmas Parlor Games For Adults and Kids

Christmas is just around the corner and it will be here sooner than you think.  As a matter of fact, in as early as the month of September in the Philippines, you can already feel the cold Christmas breeze, the sight of Christmas Lanterns along the busy roads towards Manila are already being displayed one by one, the scent of Christmas pine trees is a lot more defined, and even the taste of Christmas Pork Hamonado is already being advertised in Filipino TV Commercials.

Besides, just thinking about the fun and entertainment that Christmas Parlor Games For Adults and Kids may bring give us that excitement and happiness within ourselves that allow us to keep on smiling while patiently waiting for that wonderful time of the year to come.

Here are some of the Top 10 Best Christmas Parlor Games For Adults and Kids:

1.  Sack Race – This Christmas Parlor Game should be played in pairs wherein one person would be blindfolded and his partner would assist him in putting on the rice sack and guide him throughout the race until they reach the finish line.  The fastest and most agile party wins the game.

2.  Apple Eating Contest – Juicy Red Apples with be tied and left hanging on a piece of string while contestants try their very best to gobble up these juicylicious apples until nothing of it is left.  The person who finishes his /her apple first wins this Christmas Parlor Game.

3.  Pass the Christmas Message -  This Christmas Parlor Game requires the use of memory and good listening ability.  A piece of paper containing famous quotes and Bible passages will have to be relayed by each team to their members.  The first team to relay the message correctly will win the game.

4.  Pop Relay with a Twist – Two to Three Teams will compete in this Pop Drinking Contest where each member will have to drink a bottle of pop to the last drop and then he/she will have to shout “Merry Christmas To All!!!” before the next member gets to drink his share.  Bottoms Up!!!

5.  Trip to Jerusalem – This classical Christmas Parlor Game requires an alert body and mind.  Chairs are arranged in a circle and participants are to walk and dance in a circle while the music plays. Once the music stops playing, everybody is expected to have a seat.  Person without a seat is out of the game.

6.  Flour Blowing Game –  This Christmas Parlor Game for Filipinos is very messy and fun.  Participants come in pairs and they will attempt to blow off all the four placed in a bowl.  First pair to empty their bowl wins this contest.

7.  Newspaper Dance -  Newspapers of same sizes will be used in this Christmas Parlor Game.  Participants come in pairs and they will dance to the beat and rhythm of the music.  Once the music stops playing, both of them needs to be on top of the newspaper.  Newspapers will be folded and the music and dancing continues until we get to the last pair standing.  This game requires a lot of balance and mobility.

8.  Christmas Bring Me –  Two to Three Teams will play in this very fun Christmas Parlor Game where each team will have to bring  a list of the items, objects, persons listed on a piece of paper.  Team who gets to complete their list will win this game.

9.  Christmas Pabitin with a Twist –  This is a game similar to the Mexican Piñata.  Participants will try to jump and grab Christmas Goodies and Items on a Moving Pabitin.  Put balloons filled with water amongst the Christmas Items to make this Christmas Pabitin Game livelier and more memorable.

10.  Christmas Singing Contest –  Christmas Parlor Game which is a MUST for Filipinos.  Filipinos love to sing so much that a Christmas Party would not be complete without it.  Listen to the soothing and wonderful voice of Filipinos as you offer them something to snack on.

Maligayang Pasko At Manigong Bagong Taon sa Ating Lahat!!!

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