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Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Baguio City

Baguio Wagwagan

“Mura lang po. Bili na kayo” (Everything’s cheap . Come and buy now) have you ever heard someone shouting like that in the mall? Or in any part of your country? Here in the Philippines, that phrase is so common that whenever you heard it, you could just simply say “Yes. I really am in […]

Baguio Summer Capital of the Philippines

Summer is the perfect season to visit Baguio, because of the its altitude, the cool weather has been perfectly good for people to visit the high mountains of the Cordillera. Baguio City has been tagged as the Summer Capital of the Philippines because aside from the cool weather which keeps us refreshed under the very […]

Baguio Joshua Tree Realty

Baguio Joshua Tree Realty is a real estate business in Baguio City. They provide local expertise and resources to help you find the perfect Home for you and your family. They specialized in real estate sales of Baguio: *house and lots (ready for occupancy or construction) *condominiums *townhouses *residential / subdivision lots *commercial lots & […]

Richview Square Baguio City

It’s everybody’s dream to have a house of their own, a comfortable house where the family bond with each other building respect, joy, and peace. Asian Central Realty’s goal is to make your dreams come true, they will help you have a house of your own in Richview Square Baguio City Located in Bakakeng, Baguio […]

Baguio Forest House

People say that there’s no place like home, that’s why an exceptional idea came across to three entrepreneurs, they decided to build a restaurant where their customers will feel like they’re at home – confident and comfortable at their very own expense. Married couple Ari and Raquel Versosa together with Ari’s cousin, Alvin Versosa established […]

Baguio Purple Bar

  Life is always at its best when you give some time to be carefree and enjoy every little thing this world has to offer. Most people find comfort and entertainment through going to a party with closest friends, throwing some good vibes, having drinks and foods all you want, nonstop music and meeting new […]

Star FM Baguio

“Serving the nation through music and information”, having this as a tagline, the Star Fm Baguio has captured the listener’s hearts for almost 22 years. Since it first broadcasted on air, 21st of August, 1991 it has been chosen as the number one radio station at the City of Baguio. This radio station is owned […]

Baguio Wright Park

Looking for some perfect place to spend your family “sundate”? At Baguio City you can find a place that is ideal for that. Wright Park is the best place for you and your family or friends to have some memorable moments. At Wright Park, you can find the extraordinary shallow elongated body of water or […]

Baguio Storm Signal

As the month of June comes in, Sunday, June 1, 2014 the sun will rise at 5:24 A.M. and may continue through noon. There is a possibility of heavy rain in the afternoon around 2P.M. to 5P.M. 54% of thunderstorm and the sun sets at 6:27P.M. At night, there is a possibility that it will […]

Baguio Christmas Village

Baguio City – a place of tourist attractions. Although, not everyone may be aware of another seasonal attraction – The Baguio Christmas Village. It’s an adorable little village created inside the Baguio Country Club specifically designed during the Yuletide Season only. Opened last 2011 in the Baguio Country Club, it easily became one of the […]

Panagbenga Festival

A homage for the city’s blooming flowers and a celebration for its re-establishment, Panagbenga Festival is one of the most famous festivals in a country that is both fond and proud of its festivities and celebrations. A month long festival held every February, the colorful event attracts spectators from all parts of the Philippines and […]

Baguio Tour

Baguio City is probably one of the best cities that you can explore while you are in the Philippines. It is just definitely a majestic beauty of nature at its finest.   Aside from the cool breeze that people enjoy while in the city of pines, it is also good to note that there are […]

Baguio Apartelle – Brentwood Apartelle

When you are in Baguio City and is looking for a place to conveniently stay in, there are a lot choices that you can have. Many hotels, inns and pension or transient houses are available for guests. Also available are some Baguio apartelles that can also be an option of accommodation.   One example is […]

Hotel 45 Baguio

If you are planning to stay for a few days in the Summer Capital of the Philippines – Baguio City – then you have to look for the perfect place to stay in.   There are a number of hotels that one can check out and one can settle in but if you are in […]

SLU Baguio

About SLU Baguio Saint Louis University is a private higher education establishment in Northern Luzon that is autonomous in authority.   Saint Louis University  is one of the educational institutions in the Philippines that have been granted permission to make its own curriculum that is designed to cater to the demanding needs of its students.  They […]

Baguio Cathedral

BAGUIO CATHEDRAL, also called as Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, is a unique cathedral in the heart of the city.   It is surrounded with pink façade, windows inspired of roses and the famous twin of bell towers. In its courtyard, is an overview of Session Road down to the central part of Baguio.  It also […]

Heritage Mansion Baguio

Heritage Mansion in Baguio City is one of the most sought after hotels in the city.   When you are in the Summer Capital of the Philippines and would love to stay in a cozy and comfortable place, then surely the Heritage Mansion should be the best place for you to stay in.   Its […]

AIM Conference Center Baguio

AIM Conference Center in Baguio City is the most ideal venue for events such as seminars and other gatherings while you are in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Located within the 249-hectare Camp John Hay is this distraction free and serene setting where businesses and organizations can hold their conferences, meetings and seminars. This conference […]

Baguio House For Rent

Baguio City is a great place to build your home. It is a very peaceful and cozy city that is family friendly and can be the best place where you can grow your family.   If you are thinking of finding a place to settle in, you can choose to rent a house in the […]

Things To Do In Baguio

Thinking of a great place to go to and enjoy summer? Then, the country’s “Summer Capital” will surely suit you perfectly! Take a trip up Baguio City!   Actually, Baguio City is not just great during summer. It is perfect for the whole year. Its hospitality, warmth even with the cold and its beauty is […]

Baguio Country Club

One of the premier hotels and accommodations while in Baguio City is the famous Baguio Country Club. This particular hotel is a prime choice for people who would like to spend some amount in order to experience a lavish and extremely comfortable stay while in the summer capital of the country.   Baguio Country Club […]

Forest Lodge Camp John Hay

Baguio City is a place where you can enjoy the beauty and dazzle of nature. At the same time, it also gives you the chance to take a glimpse of the contributions of the city in the country’s rich culture and history.   Aside from the usual tourist spots that you can find in Baguio […]

SM City Baguio

SM City Baguio is one of the branches of the most famous chain of supermalls in the Philippines. With over hundreds of other stores nationwide, the considered biggest conglomerate in shopping malls and department stores also placed a mall in the summer capital of the Philippines.   SM City in Baguio has a floor area of […]

Prime Hotel Baguio

Are you planning to spend a cozy holiday with your family and friends in the summer capital of the Philippines? Are you planning to stay in a great hotel at a reasonable price? Would you like to have fun in Baguio without having to worry about the accommodation when you reach the city?   One […]

Inn Rocio Baguio

Inn Rocio Baguio is one of the various hotels and inns in the summer capital of the Philippines. This particular hotel has long been established in the city. There is a large number of people who pay a visit and stay in this particular hotel. Many tourists choose to book their stays in the city mainly because […]

Baguio Midland Courier

Baguio Midland Courier (BMC) is one of the oldest and most trusted gazette in the summer capital of the Philippines. With its existence of over 64 years, it has proven that it is a major news courier in Baguio City.   BMC is a weekly published newspaper in Baguio by Hamada Publishing Corporation. The newspaper […]

Le Chateau Baguio

A great traveler always has a list of things that he needs when he goes out of his home and indulge himself in new adventures. This list usually consists of the following: your total travel budget; fare and transportation for the trip; the people you will be going with (not applicable if you intend to […]

Baguio Strawberry Jam

Baguio City is known with its Pinagbenga Festival, to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines and Strawberry Capital. There is a vast plantation of strawberry in the City because of its cold climate, the fruit grows abundantly. And because of the mass production of strawberries, business persons thought of making something out of it […]

Baguio Medical Center

Being such the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City has also their finest commendable facilities, like hotels, restaurants, malls, banks, and most importantly, hospitals. And because of these features, it made the Baguio City even more popular tourist destinations. One of the most popular hospitals in Baguio City is the Baguio Medical Center situated […]

Baguio Real Estate

If you are someone who would not just regularly visit Baguio City but would wish to actually buy an estate in the city, then check out our ads and buy the best deals in Baguio City!   There are a lot of available real estate deals for you! Click on our ads and create the […]

Session Road Baguio

 Session Road is probably the most famous road in the Cordillera region. There is such a popularity gained by this road because of its location in the city. It is known to be the main road or thoroughfare of Baguio City and is located right at the center. Everyone and every vehicle passes through the session road […]

Baguio Walis Tambo

Baguio Walis Tambo (Broom) is the most popular product locally made in Baguio City. It is made from the Tiger Grass Flower (“Thysanolaena maxima”), also called “boyboy” by the natives. It is mostly sold by the roadside but the Baguio City Market provides with the widest selection you can choose from. The Walis Tambo comes […]

Baguio Orchidarium

There is heaven on Earth. Indeed, we are fortunate enough to receive such numerous blessings. The sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the tress and animals, the flowers, these are just a short list of the limitless blessings to us. Every single day we go through experiencing the magnificent beauty of these gifts. At […]

Baguio Gym

Want to have that curvy sexy body? How about bulky, hard-like-stone muscles for big boys? Have the desire to live a healthy lifestyle? Or just wanna break some old habits? Whatever you want, we got it all for you! Here at Baguio City, Philippines, the City do not just offer extravagant presents from nature, food […]

Baguio School For The Deaf

Baguio School for the Deaf offers great service of providing the ‘hearing-impaired’ individuals a chance to communicate. Baguio School for the Deaf is dedicated to help the indigent hearing impaired individuals. BAGUIO SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF* PO Box 1216 2600 Baguio City #18 Tuding Rd., Outlook Drive, 2600 Baguio City 444-7445 0920-9133317 Contact Ms. Linda […]

LBC Baguio City Branch

LBC is a Money Remittance, Courier and Cargo Company and is labeled as ‘Hari ng Padala’. Because of this, numerous branches of LBC are found nationwide in the Philippines and even worldwide. In terms of conveniency, LBC is at the top. To prove this, they have lot of small branches in a city, especially in […]

EPro Baguio

EPro Training Centre in Baguio City is the first English exam preparation in the Philippines. They can help you pass  IELTS  and  TOEFL  iBT  and they will also train you Conversational English , American Accent and ESL , plus the fact, that they will provide you fully qualified facilitators with excellent  teaching skills and up to date […]

Nevada Square Baguio City

Well known for its historic sites, parks and gardens, most people think that Baguio City has a purely rural environment, albeit its city status. This would prove, however, that they’ve never been to Nevada Square, another famous destination in the City of Pines, not for its plants or its history, but for its wild and […]

Zentea in Baguio

The last few years, tea as a beverage is becoming more famous in the country. In fact, more and more tea shops are opening all over the country to cater demands of customers. Such tea sensation manage to reach Baguio City even. Zentea, the first of the many to open, is located at the roof […]

Baguio Peanut Brittle

Baguio City is not only known for its several tourist destinations. It is also famous for its delicious delicacies that are rarely found in other parts of the country. Its unique climate allows it to cultivate local ingredients that provide a distinct taste to their food. An example of such delicacy is Baguio’s very own […]

Baguio Must See

Baguio city is not only a city that sits atop the clouds but one which sits atop the list of tourist destinations of foreigners and locals alike. With its cool climate, lush wildlife and scenic environment, the city proved to be one of the greatest treasures of the country. Needless to say, the top tourist […]

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