Tuesday 30th September 2014

Organic Papaya Soap

Girls, ladies, women are very intimidated with each other’s skin. When a sexy lady pass by with hey flawless and white skin, then your self-esteem is kinda decrease and making decision to apply such agents that could help you being white. Many papaya soaps have been proven and tested that it really whitens skin, exfoliates [...]

Tuguegarao Tourism

In Northeastern Luzon, Tuguegarao city is a major urban center. It is the capital of Cagayan and it is important city to the province because it is the center of trading for Tobacco Monopoly and the only institution for the quality education in Northeastern Luzon. Today, the city is dashing, it moves energetically in making [...]


 NAHIHIBANG BY JOIN THE CLUB Nahihibang by Join The Club is a mellow and nice song that you can listen while chilling under the beautiful sun. And even in the midst of the dark and cloudy day, the song can wipe all the negative and bad vibes that will ruin the rest of the day. [...]

Mahan Garden Resort Samal

Mahan Garden Resort Samal Philippines is blessed with beautiful and mesmerizing natural resources which make it a favorite country to visit with.  Having at most 7000 islands it is no wonder that Philippines has been one of the top place most foreigners visit with. Without these resources Philippines will not attain its fame and popularity. [...]

GenSan’s Fish Port General Santos City

GenSan’s Fish Port General Santos City General Santos  is the heart of tuna industries and fisheries in the Philippines. With this GenSan has been coined as “Philippines’ Tuna Capital”. GenSan is an urbanized first class city in the southern part of the country. Many said that GenSan experience will not be complete without visiting this [...]

Munting Nasugbu Batangas

Munting Nasugbu Batangas For people who love fun and relaxation for the family, a splendid blend of a cool and warm camp sandy beach existed. It offers an idealistic, idyllic and an enchanting setting that will really strengthen family closeness and tightness. This place is what we called as the Munting Buhangin Beach Camp. This [...]

Kapeng Barako of Batangas

Kapeng Barako in Batangas Coffee was discovered by the Ehiopians in the beans of an evergreen tree of the genus the genus Coffea. As soon as this discovery spread in Arabia, Yemen, and Egypt, as it spread in the West it became a part of the everyday life of the people. In the Philippines no [...]

Lambanog Quezon

Lambanog Quezon Lambanog is a Filipino wine made from a coconut. It has been one of the favorite alcoholic beverages among Filipino as this kind of drink is inexpensive because coconuts are abundant in the country. This kind of alcoholic drink was labeled as “The Vodka of the Philippines” having the similarities in taste and [...]

Famous Filipino Volleyball Players

Every year, University Athletic Association of the Philippines or UAAP associates eight universities to compete in field of sports. Adamson University (AU), Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), De La Salle University (DLSU), Far Eastern University (FEU), University of the Philippines (UP), University of the East (UE), University of Santo Tomas (UST) and National University (NU) are [...]

Ilocos Norte Tourist Attractions

Where is the best place to go when vacation came up to your mind? Where you can see all the good things in the world in just one place. Oh well, there are places that are good for vacation but why not visiting Northern Coastal Province of the Philippines? It has lots of beautiful places [...]

Filipino Spam Recipes

Garlic Spam

Spam Fully Cooked Luncheon Meat is the ultimate Filipino comfort food. My family and I will sometimes eat it for breakfast for the Spamsilog Recipe especially during those times when these are on sale at our local grocery store. Here are different ways of cooking this delicious and very tasty Spam Luncheon Meat: 1.  Spamsilog [...]

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