Monday 22nd September 2014

Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Pack

Tony Moly is a brand that provides Korean cosmetics that wanted to help clients in enhancing their beauty to the fullest.Tony is an English word that means “a nice appearance” while Moly is define as “flourishing” from a Japanese word.This brand may haven’t known to everyone but many of its customers are satisfied with the result it has given […]

Clio Virgin Kiss Lip Tension

Are you looking for a lipstick that would last for a long period of time and doesn’t comes off when your eating or drinking something? Wishing that you don’t need to retouch or reapply it.There’s a well known lipstick product of Clio which is the Virgin Kiss Lip Tension.It was released during the Fall/Winter 2014 collection.This was […]

Best Drugstore Liquid Foundation

When can you say that a drugstore for a liquid foundation is best? We can’t pinpoint a specific drugstore of foundations but we can cite a good qualifications of such store. First thing first! Place, the drugstore should able to be reached and entered or let us say accessible. What if you have to cross […]

Filipino Family Values and Traits

A country is known for its one set of cultural norms and beliefs. Coupled with its culture, are the values and traits of its citizens. Philippines are known for many aspects. These aspects include the world of sports, the different tourist spots, the world of music entertainment, and the like, and of course, the values […]

Cebu City Sky Adventure

Wanna experience an adventure that will keep you “ON A HIGH” feeling? First of all, just wanna let you know that we’re so lucky to have a friend that is already based in Cebu who has a car and brought us to these exciting places.  There are also a lot of car rentals in Cebu […]

Jamba Juice Branches

Jamba Juice Branches Jamba Juice’s first store was opened in San Luis Obispo, California which was founded in the year 1990 by a healthy lifestyle upholder Kirk Perron who was joined by his colleagues and friends namely Kevin Peters, Joe Vergara, and Linda Ozawa Olds. The Jamba Juice Company’s base is in Emeryville, California which […]

Pink Sand Beach in Philippines

There many things that you can see in the Philippines. From small endangered species to wonders in this world. Another fascinating fact about Philippines is that, in there you can find many things, like rare things. Rare things like PINK SAND!   Pink sand can only be found only in places like Caribbean, Greece, Hawaii, […]

Isla Gigantes, Carles Iloilo

Isla Gigantes, Carles Iloilo One of the Philippines’ pride is its fascinating and remarkable natural sites that would draw the attention of people seeking places that would create an unfathomable and enchanting experience in their lives. One of these places is the “Isla Gigantes, Carles Iloilo”. Isla Gigantes, Carles Iloilo, is a chain of islands […]

Ozamis City Tourist Spots

Feeling a little bit of Dora lately yet sick of going into tourist-crammed-places? Why don’t we visit the southern part of the Philippine Islands and let’s #MindaNow! A one flight away from Manila, one overnight ferry ride from Cebu, one twenty-minute ferry ride from Lanaodel Norte, and a three-hour bus ride from Dipolog City will […]

Start Up Business For Calamansi

Dearest WIVES of the twentieth century, here is another way to earn extra income: the Calamansi Project, a native fruit that will make you healthy and wealthy today or in the future.   Citrotunella Microcarpa or mostly known as Calamansi is commonly found in Southeast Asia, especially in Philippines.  They call it the “golden lime”. […]

KFC Baptismal Package

In every baptismal rite, there is always a gathering or celebration after it. If you are looking for a nice place to celebrate it, KFC is for you. KFC, a popular chicken fast food restaurant, introduces you to its “KFC Smart Party Package”. KFC Smarty Party Package lets you celebrate your kid’s birthday, graduation, and […]

Best Deodorant Philippines

Personal hygiene is something that everyone is concerned of, which includes the practices that must be undertaken in order to have, and maintain good health. Good health includes inside condition, and also the outside condition, which is the one that is visible and can be observed by anyone with their senses. One problem that people […]

How to Make Jollibee Gravy Sauce

Pinoys love Jollibee so much, especially the C1 in the menu, the most common food to be ordered. It’s 1pc chicken and rice with GRAVY. Gravy is the sawsawan or the sauce for the chicken and even if there’s a gravy, Pinoys love to add more and even request to refill it again. You can literally […]

OFW in Qatar

Off-shoring is the latest trend in employment nowadays. Not only do you get a good-paying job but you also get a chance to visit new places, explore other cultures and meet a new nation. In connection to that you might want to consider the State of Qatar. Qatar is an Arab Emirate by the northeastern […]

Ozamiz City Northern Mindanao Philippines

Are you on the mood for some exploring? Get your getaway gear and let’s explore Ozamiz City, the Golden Gate of Northern Mindanao. Ozamiz City is a third class city in Misamis Occidental. It is close to the provinces of Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur and across the Panguil Bay from Lanao del […]

Party Food Philippines

Party is all about gathering, socializing, creating conversations and meeting new people. And a party features music, dance, beverages and food. It is not necessary if its public or private, the most important thing is that food is present in the event. And when you say party, the first thing that would enter in Pinoy’s […]

Agas-Agas Bridge

You can locate the highest bridge in the Philippines specifically in Barangay Kahupian, Sogod, Southern Leyte. The name of the bridge is Agas-Agas Bridge. It was built in 2006 and for the reason to keep away from recurring landslide dangers because the area is prone to accidents especially during heavy rain and also cut down […]


Pinoys love bread very much, especially pandesal but Pinoys also love innovating such product into another product. There are many innovative foods been innovated by Pinoys. An example of it is Kumukunsi. Many people doubt on eating it because of its appeal. There’s a house of PASTIL in Maguindanao where Muslim’s delicacies featured on the […]

Cabalen Baptismal Package Rates

Cabalen started as a small bahay pasalubong restaurant and selling its main courses in San Fernando, Pampanga until the restaurant gone wide and big. Now the Cabalen is offering several functions like Kiddie Parties, Wedding and Anniversaries, Birthdays, Baptismal, Business package and other special events. And its prices varies on the number of persons or […]

Max’s Philippines Party Package

Celebrating birthdays is important as a way of saying “Thank you” to our Almighty for another year in life, and our way of sharing our blessings to others. Birthdays only come once in a year, so it is important to have it celebrated with our loved ones. For a parent like you, who want to […]

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