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Filipino Ulam

A Special Filipino Ulam – Pork Ribs Adobo Philippine Adobo is one of the best Filipino dishes that is very popular among Pinoys no matter where they live anywhere in the world. Filipinos even made Adobo as their Philippine National Dish. Cooking Adobo comes in a variety of ways from the traditional method of cooking […]

Milkfish Recipe

Milkfish or Bangus Milkfish or Bangus is definitely one of the commonly cooked fish by the Filipinos not only because of its very rich and flavorful taste but because of its affordability despite it being called the fish with lots of fins and tiny bones or tinik. Different Ways or Methods of Cooking Milkfish or […]

Filipino Dialects

Filipino Dialects In The Philippines The Filipino Language is the official and national language of education in the Philippines although English is the major language that is used in media broadcasting, newspaper publication, as well as communication with foreign countries. Filipino Dialects Bisaya In the Visayas Region, the Bisaya or Cebuano Language is their official […]

Filipino Merienda

Filipino Merienda Dishes In The Philippines A Filipino Meal is never complete without something sweet or matamis to cap it off. These Filipino Merienda Treats can also be had as light snacks to stave off hunger between meals especially to the very busy modern Pinoys. Filipino Merienda Dishes have ingredients that are readily available and […]

Sendai Motors

Sendai Motors Philippines Sendai Motors is Where Affordability and Good Service Meet… Sendai Motors is the leader and most trusted distributor of motor vehicles in the Philippines. Sendai Motors provide high quality service and affordable motor products by its highly trained and well experienced employees. Sendai Motors focuses on providing excellent services to its customers […]

Mung Bean Soup

Philippine Mung Bean Soup Recipe Mung Bean Soup is also commonly called Ginisang Monggo in the Philippines. Mung Bean is also known as balatong by most Filipinos. Mung Bean Soup Benefits: Affordable Nutritious Easy To Make Ingredients for Mung Bean Soup Recipe: 2 cups dry monggo beans, mung beans, or balatong 6 cups water or […]

Menu for New Years Eve Filipino Style

<h3>Best Food For New Years Eve 2014 Filipino Style</h3> At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve 2014, the dark skies are brightened with an explosion of colorful fireworks accompanied by a variety of sounds and noises that creates a perfectly balanced orchestra to signify the beginning of another prosperous New Year 2014. After […]

Bicol Food

Bicol Food Culture The Bicol Region is very famous for its Mayon Volcano that is located in Albay, Philippines. The Bicolanos are also known for their love of spicy Filipino dishes that are usually accompanied with coconut milk and cream. Watch this very entertaining Bicol Food Festival: Bicol Food Trip Watch this Bicol Express Tour […]

Taro Benefits

Taro is a root crop that grows abundantly in the Philippines. The Taro plant has heart shaped leaves and the root is usually the edible part that is used in cooking as well as used for its very potent medicinal purposes. Taro is rich in Vitamins A, B, C and minerals such as calcium, copper, […]

Filipino Children

Filipino Children are known to be cheerfully active. They usually likes to play and interact with people because as they were growing they were developing their sense of socializing. They say that the most lucky kids were those who were born and lived through the 90′s. The 90′s was the year where kids likely interacts […]

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