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Filipino Children

Filipino Children are known to be cheerfully active. They usually likes to play and interact with people because as they were growing they were developing their sense of socializing. They say that the most lucky kids were those who were born and lived through the 90′s. The 90′s was the year where kids likely interacts […]

Filipino Women

The old traditional Filipino women is known for their gracefulness. They are innocent shy and beautiful people. Filipino Women especially when married are usually based only at home, they were asked if the children needs money and help for she is also  the treasurer of the family. She supports the educational needs of the children. […]

Filipino Maid

Filipino Maids are widely spread out not only in the country but all over the world. Because of the crisis faced by the Philippines–corruption and poverty–there are a lot of Filipino women who preferred to work overseas as a domestic helper or a caregiver. But of course, not all Filipinos can afford to work abroad, […]

Eating Tilapia While Pregnant

Eating Tilapia is Okay during the First Trimester of your pregnancy.  Eating Tilapia is the safest for pregnant women because this fish is commonly raised in fish ponds and in the farms making it the most suitable fish that is free from harmful chemicals and elements such as high mercury content that could affect the […]

Purple Yam Health Benefits

Purple Yam is one of the most nutritious snack and a very healthy alternative to junk foods. Just by eating a plain boiled purple yam with butter on the side, you will be assured of getting healthy benefits for your mind and body while enjoying the mildly sweet taste of this colorful root crop that […]

Purple Yam Nutrition and Facts

Purple yam, also known as Ube, is a very common and indigenous root crop in the Philippines. It is one of the most in demand ingredient for making Ube Halaya which is a sweetened jam made out of purple yam and butter. Ube Halaya is also one of the ingredients is making a special Halo […]

Muscovado Sugar vs Brown Sugar

Muscovado Sugar is one of the very common sugars that is a product of the Philippines.  Muscovado Sugar is made out of evaporated cane juice and is used to make this Filipino merienda and snack Piaya.  Not a lot of Filipinos use Muscovado Sugar in their cooking, most of them commonly use the refined white […]

Sago Health Benefits

As sago is just starch, other than the carbohydrates, nutrition-wise, it does not contain any vitamins or minerals and sago has very low amounts of calcium, iron, and fiber. One of the main health benefits of sago is that it can give you a boost in energy because it is mainly composed of carbohydrates. Sago […]

Sago Fact and Nutrition

Sago or Tapioca Pearls is a starch taken from the center of the sago palm stems. As a starch, the health benefits of sago come primarily from carbohydrates. Sago is usually used to make popular bubble teas as well as added with gulaman to make the easiest palamig drink that is very popular to drink […]

Puto Molds For The Perfect Puto

Puto is such a delightful treat to make at the comfort of your own homes. It is very easy, affordable, and simple to make these into wonderful dessert or merienda for as long as you have the proper kitchen ware and ingredients to make them. Puto Molds For Sale The very common problem in making […]

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