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Kfc Party Package Philippines

KFC! It is definitely finger looking good. And wouldn’t it be nice if you spent your special day in the best place in town!   KFC is not your ordinary fast food restaurant anymore but it has now become your party venue.   If you wish to treat your kids to a great party, then […]

Chef Tristan Encarnacion

At a young age of 28 years old, Chef Tristan Encarnacion has already made a name for himself in the country. He is now one of the most sought after chefs and has built up her reputation for being one of the best in the Philippines.   This young chef has gained popularity because of […]

Paulo Avelino Covers Cosmomen Sept 2014

Paolo Avelino with his revealing top covers CosmoMen Sept 2014.   The SBPAK actor looks like Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey with his necktie hanged over his broad shoulders. He even posted in his instagram a photo with the description of “Ladies, would you step into my office please. #Cosmo69 #Cosmopolitan #Centerfold #CostCuttingKayaWalangAirconSaOffice@irish.dizon@omar_ermita@bjpascual” […]

Lucila Lalu Case

In the Year 1961, Lucila Lalu who was a very beautiful, determined, and very ambitious Filipina woman left her hometown in Barrio Mapaniqui, Candaba, Pampanga and headed towards the urban city of Metro Manila to make a living and a name for herself. Lucila Lalu seized every opportunity to reach her dreams and her business-oriented […]

Ninoy Aquino Assassin

Benigno Simeon Ninoy Aquino, Jr. is one of the most prestigious Filipino Senators in the Philippines. He is one of the few brave Filipinos who stood up against the Martial Law under President Ferdinand Marcos’ Government. He was arrested in the Year 1972 and incarcerated for seven years until he got permission to travel for […]

Wowowee Stampede

Wowowee is one of most-loved Philippine noontime variety shows in the Philippines. This ABS-CBN show began on February 5, 2005 and is also aired Live during weekdays and Saturday afternoon as well. Last February 4, 2006 Wowowee which happened to be the very popular noontime show of ABS-CBN celebrated its very first Anniversary at the […]

Ozone Disco Nightclub Tragedy

Ozone Disco is a very popular and most favorite disco club where most Filipino teenagers and students usually hangout during Saturday nights and Barkada Gimmicks.  Ozone Disco  is conveniently located at Timog Avenue Corner, Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila,Philippines.  This disco house was opened in Year 1991 by a certain Filipino businessman named […]

Nida Blanca Murder Case

Nida Blanca is the stage name of Filipino Actress Dorothy Acueza Jones.  She became popular because she is the leading lady of Dolphy, the King of Comedy in the Philippines.  She is also one of the best Filipino actresses of all Time having starredin 14 TV Shows and in more than 163 Pinoy Movies during […]

Ramon Magsaysay Plane Accident

Ramon Magsaysay was the 7th President of the Philippines serving from December 30, 1953 until his tragic death last March 16, 1957 due to a plane crash accident. On March 16, 1957 President Ramon Magsaysay boarded the Douglas C-47 Skytrain Presidential Plane headed for Cebu City. He headed back to Manila at around 1:00AM in […]

Lady Mediatrix of Grace Apparition

Teresita Castillo, popularly known as Sister Teresing became the subject of controversies, criticisms, and religious disputes when she claimed to have seen and talked to the Blessed Virgin Mary Apparition whom she referred to as the Lady Mediatrix of Grace in the Carmelite Monastery located in their little town of Lipa City, Philippines. Filipino Sister […]

Andres Bonifacio’s Remains

Andres Bonifacio is known as the Father of Philippine Revolution.  He is also the Supreme Leader and Founder of the Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (KKK) of the Katipunan.  The Katipunan is a small faction that was formed in rebellion against the Spanish rule in the Philippines. The Katipunan was divided into […]

Tony Israel Ufo Encounters

Tony Israel, 37 years of age, and a resident of Las Piñas City, Mabolo Street, Verdant Acres, Pamplona, Metro Manila,Philippines, was quick enough to grab his video camera and start filming what he thinks to be a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) flying in the dark skies on the night of September 3, 2000.  Tony Israel could […]

Yamashita’s Gold/yamashita’s Treasure

Tomoyuki Yamashita, also known as The Tiger of Malaya and The Beast of Bataan, is one of the most distinguished Japanese General during World War II.  He is said to be responsible for stealing and looting valuable gold and treasures during the war. He and his men organized a massive scale of war looting in […]

Top 10 Unsolved Pinoy Mysteries

Despite the country’s outstanding beauty and tranquil living, we cannot deny the fact that just like any other countries in the world, the Philippines is such a mystical place that is enveloped in a cloud of mysteries and a home for unexplainable phenomenon and even extraordinary events.  Such situations are unbelievably hard for the human […]

Ofw’s Reunion With His Family Goes Viral

A heart melting video about an OFW’s reunion with his family goes viral. A hero is one who will give up all the things he have just for the ones who matter. Amiel Saldua is a chef in Singapore and communicate his family through Skype for an hour. He’s longing to visit them but he […]

Derek Ramsay Covers in Mhp Sept 2014

Derek Ramsay shows fierce look while throwing a punch for the cover of Men’s Health Philippines’ September 2014 issue. The TV5 (Kapatid) actor reveals his formula “No-Gym, No-Weights Plan To Drop Lbs in 15 Days” in the issue which fit for those people who don’t like going to gym. Derek Ramsay has been a hot […]

Bataan Man Wins P16m Super Lotto 6/49

With persistence, determination, and patience, a common Filipino who is living in the province of Bataan finally bagged the 6/49 Super Lotto draw that was held last Tuesday, August 19, 2014. This very simple 31 year old Filipino man who had been supporting his family by working as a food attendant at a restaurant claimed […]

Rider Sandals

If you are someone who is adventurous and loves to be outdoors and just have fun, then you have to make sure that you spend some time to purchase the best RIDER SANDALS!   The Rider line that started in 1986 in Brazil under Grendene. Grendene is considered as one of the world’s largest casual […]

Shakey’s Pizza Delivery

Since 1954, Shakey’s has delivered the best pizzas that anyone can ever think of. There is no debate as to the delicious toppings and the crispiness of the crust. Shakey’s will definitely shake your appetite up!   With its current fame in the restaurant industry, it has also adapted to the changes that many of […]

Happy Feet Sandals

Good sandals allows you to walk through your journeys with amazing comfort plus style. This is why HAPPY FEET Sandals are the best for a lady who loves adventure just like you.   Happy Feet sandals have been popular these days because of the amount of comfort that it gives to its customers. You may […]

Smart Communications Mobile App Viewstream

The country’s biggest and strongest network releases a new offering for its subscribers. It has extended its audience and at the same has expanded its offers for its valued customers.   SMART Communications has changed the way we use our phones, how we spend our loads and how we communicate with others.   It has […]

Forbes Henry sy Still Richest Filipino

Forbes Magazine has once again proclaimed the Philippines’ richest people. There are  lot of nominations but still there would be people who top the list. And in 2014, Forbes released its newest list of the country’ richest!   This year, HENRY SY, tops the list for the 7th straight year. There is no doubt that […]

Sms One Text Away by Sawyer Brothers

SMS (One Text Away) by Sawyer Brothers is a song about the latest generation’s main mode of communication. SMSing is very trending in the Philippines. Filipino’s are very fond of it and is well known for too. Thing is, with just one tap or click you can send your messages with people. Young couple finds […]

Di Dapat by Muriel

Another item of Philippines’ top recording company, PolyEast Records, features another artist with a strong and unique character. This artist is named Muriel. Hopefully, she’ll shine too and be on the line with PolyEast’s biggest artists. Muriel (Precious Ting in real life) is also an actress. When she was younger she had few appearances on […]

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