Sunday 19th October 2014

Filipino Palitaw Recipe

Filipino’s loves to eat. Whether it’s regular meals or in between snacks. Filipino’s have come up with various kinds of snack recipes that will make your mouth watery and your stomach full.   Filipino Palitaw is another snack recipe on the list. The word Palitaw comes from “litaw” which means to float. It’s popular mostly [...]

Fruit Salad Recipe Filipino Style

Pinoy Fruit Salad is a dessert that you can easily prepare. It’s sweet. It’s delicious. And it’s very tasty that you’ll never get enough of it. It’s made up of many kinds of fruits. You can make you own version, putting different fruits that you prefer. You can put syrup on it. Or you can [...]

Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation

Being beautiful and presentable every day is very important to women, especially to those who are working in offices, or any type of work and occasions that needs you to be presentable. Applying make-up is easy but finding the best make up essentials that will suit your skin type, tone, and expectations, is quite hard. [...]

Story of Merloquet Falls

Zamboanga’s Merloquet Falls is a scenic waterfall located in the interiors of Barangay Sibulao, 78 kilometers east of Zamboanga City. After your trip to the historic and cultural attractions in the city, like the Fort Pilar, you may relax and have fun at Merloquet Falls. The falls looks like a curtain from a far, yes [...]

Tupperware Philippines

Tupperware, trusted and loved for almost 48 years, was known in Philippines last 1966, and then on, Tupperware has become a household name. It was in 2007 when Tupperware Philippines consolidated with Sara Lee Direct Selling Philippines, and became Fullerlife Direct Selling Philippines. But today, it is now known as Tupperware Brands Philippines. Tupperware Brands [...]

Robinson’s Tamales Cavite

Cavite as known for its historical sites, museums, festivals, cultural rituals, natural attractions, resorts and, entertainment and leisure, Cavite has also its pride when it comes to food. Aside from oysters or “talaba”, a Filipino Tamales is one of the favorites in the province of Cavite. Wrap in a banana leaf with string on it, [...]

Palawan People

Palawan, located in Southeast Asia, is one of the best islands in the world. With its very beautiful seascapes and landscapes, it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines. Aside from beautiful sceneries and for being one of the best tourist destinations, it is considered as the biggest province in the Philippines. [...]

Filipino Spinach Flan Recipe

Spinach Flan is usually taken as appetizers. It strikes a good and pleasant equal taste of the spinach and the other ingredients to boost your appetite in meal. With the salty with spicy taste of pepper and creamy taste of milk and eggs it really adds up the rate of appetite in meal. It is [...]

Pinakufu Recipe

Pinakufu is a food delicacy of the people in Cagayan Valley. It is always paired up by Sinanta an iconic dish  from Tuguegarao which complements in a cold rainy season. They are sticky fried finger-sized rice cakes coated in a caramelized sugar. The pinakufu is usually served as snacks or merienda. In preparing the snack, [...]

Earn Money Blogging Philippines

Earn Money Blogging Philippines Many people don’t have a job in the Philippines. Some graduated with a degree but did not able to find a job in their field. This is a reality in the Philippines. Unemployment rate is annually increasing and therefore Filipinos are forced to leave the country to chase their dreams in [...]

Party Ideas Philippines

Party Ideas Philippines Philippines is a country known for its creativity when it comes to party. New ideas were being created just to make a unique and a fun party celebration. Many compete when it comes to the greatness of their creation. One example of party idea is the “Letters Printed on Stage with a [...]

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