Friday 19th September 2014

OFW in Qatar

Off-shoring is the latest trend in employment nowadays. Not only do you get a good-paying job but you also get a chance to visit new places, explore other cultures and meet a new nation. In connection to that you might want to consider the State of Qatar. Qatar is an Arab Emirate by the northeastern […]

Ozamiz City Northern Mindanao Philippines

Are you on the mood for some exploring? Get your getaway gear and let’s explore Ozamiz City, the Golden Gate of Northern Mindanao. Ozamiz City is a third class city in Misamis Occidental. It is close to the provinces of Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur and across the Panguil Bay from Lanao del […]

Party Food Philippines

Party is all about gathering, socializing, creating conversations and meeting new people. And a party features music, dance, beverages and food. It is not necessary if its public or private, the most important thing is that food is present in the event.   The most common dishes on the menu when a Pinoy host a […]

Agas-Agas Bridge

You can locate the highest bridge in the Philippines specifically in Barangay Kahupian, Sogod, Southern Leyte. Its name is Agas-Agas Bridge. It was built to keep away from recurring landslide dangers. So far, the bridge is the tallest made by the government with the help of the Japanese. Its height is 292ft and supported by […]


Kumukunsi a delicacy from Maguindanao. It is a spiral bread that tastes pancakes but more tasty and flavorful. Best eaten when it’s hot. Kumukunsi is made of rice flour, eggs (duck) and sugar. They are shaped in to spirals and then deep fried in pan until it colors brown. Despite of the look, it really […]

Cabalen Baptismal Package Rates

Cabalen started as a small bahay pasalubong restaurant and selling its main courses in San Fernando, Pampanga until the restaurant gone wide and big. Now the Cabalen is offering several functions like Kiddie Parties, Wedding and Anniversaries, Birthdays, Baptismal, Business package and other special events. And its prices varies on the number of persons or […]

Max’s Philippines Party Package

Celebrating birthdays is important as a way of saying “Thank you” to our Almighty for another year in life, and our way of sharing our blessings to others. Birthdays only come once in a year, so it is important to have it celebrated with our loved ones. For a parent like you, who want to […]

Best Juicer Philippines

Juicer is a tool for separating the juice from the fruits or vegetables, this process is called juicing. Breville products cost high but it also shows high quality. Breville juicers range from P9,300-P22,000 but have nice organic features. Jack’s juicer are also good with extra large round feeder, 2 speed power switch, stainless steel locking […]

Lingerie Shopping Tips

Your lingerie or underwear are one of the things we must take consideration. They must be taken care of as much as our pet. They are women’s’ protective gears and daily partner through thick and thin. They said, you have to change your undies like the lifespan of your toothbrushes. And so, choosing what to […]

Famous Filipino Bands

As the saying goes, music feeds each people’s soul. We all have these one or, maybe two or more songs that comfort us when we are down, or celebrate with us when we are happy. It lets us express ourselves and even it inspires us. Music has become part of our life. It maybe from […]

Shakey’s Baptismal Package

Baptismal Package at Shakey’s is very interesting! With pizzas and pastas, oh heaven. Monster Meal Deal of Shakey’s will always on the top when it comes to party package. It is good for ten to twenty persons and amounted to 2450 pesos. It includes  spaghetti supreme platter, carbonara supreme platter, 2 family size pizzas, a […]

OFW in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the most common place where we can see or hear about OFWs. Being an OFW is very difficult because you’ll be separated to your love ones in order to sustain your financial needs.   Advantages and benefits in working at Saudi Arabia are prestige, economic financial benefits, work experience and exposure. It […]

Ever Bilena Lipstick

Ever Bilena Lipsticks claim pure impact and luxury. It make your lips undeniable because it stays supple and smooth. Ever Bilena products will make you confused due to the very high quality products and will definitely secures and pampers your lips. With Vitamin E, it moisturizes your lips. The lipstick ranges 3-5 hours but it […]

Lux Style Peel off Mask

The Lux Steel Peel Off Mask is a treatment that do really cures your problems about your blackheads, acne and blemishes. It will clean your skin and will vanish your pimples and pimple scars away. It contains natural ingredients and very active in fighting the germs that triggers acne and blackheads.  It also moisturizes skin […]

Carabao, National Animal of Philippines

Carabao is the national animal of the Philippines.  My friend usually pronounces it “caribou”.  That is not correct.  A caribou is a type of deer that can be found in North America where it is quite cold.  There are many caribou in Alaska and other Arctic countries. Carabao and caribou are totally different animals.  In English, […]

Philippine Famous Festivals

As part of the Philippine culture, Festivals are celebrated every year to honor patron saints, or commemorate an important event in the history or even celebrating for a good harvest. Some may be a cultural festival, a religious festival, non-religious, flower festival or a film festival. Philippine festivals are annually celebrated through good times or […]

Best CC Cream Philippines

In most women’s beauty regimen, CC Cream has been a part of it. CC is an abbreviation for “Color Correcting” or “Color Control”.  From its term, the cream is concern about the color or skin tone. It is formed to answer the problems of every lady about skin redness or sallowness and uneven skin tone. […]

Cosmetic Brands Sold in the Philippines

Women love to shop. From shoes, casual dresses, denim jeans, to make up and stuff. They love to pamper themselves in every way they can. Filipina’s are known to be beautiful in a very peculiar way. The reason behind this truth fact it’s because they are well pampered with beauty products ranging from here to […]

Exotic Philippine Dishes

Exotic foods are very different, unusual or strange. It is not native to the country or maybe it is introduced from the other place. Exotic foods might taste strange yet delicious and very exciting to eat. Some examples of Exotic foods are Adobong Kamaru or mole cricket, Adobong Salagubang or june bag, Adobong Uok or […]

Best Broadband in the Philippines

In today’s modern world, internet may now be considered as a need to human being. From making homework, doing researches, gathering data, to communicating which includes the social media sites and even entertainment, booking travels and reserving hotels rooms, everything can now be done easily and conveniently with fast speed internet. Those mentioned above are […]

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