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I Do Reality Show Trailer

ABS-CBN releases a new reality show in 2014! This particular reality show is probably the first of its kind and was originally and specifically designed for couples who are scheduled to get married. With this, ABS-CBN has released the exclusive trailer of “I Do” reality show. The show features 9 couples who are supposed to […]

Pinay Mom wins Php 39.2 M SuperLotto 6/49 Jackpot

Who would have thought that the power of faith and fate was on the side of an ordinary Filipina woman who is a stay at home mom and a common housewife?  This Pinay mom had been experiencing a lot of pressure, stress, and depression especially when one of her four (4) children got sick and […]

Bogart Takes On the ALS Challenge

The famous social media icon, Bogart the Explorer decided to accept the nomination from his friend Nikki Veron Cruz, from the Grabtaxi Philippines and from many of his followers and supporters. Bogart takes on the ALS Challenge!   Here is the full video of Bogart taking on the viral ice bucket challenge of the ALS! […]

CPR Failed To Revive A Man’s Heart

CPR is an emergency procedure with the primary purpose of preserving the body’s vital organ functions when someone is suffering from an abnormal breathing pattern, not breathing at all, or those suffering from a cardiac arrest or heart attack until such time that the paramedics or hospital ambulance has arrived.  CPR is performed by breathing […]

All of Me – JM DE GUZMAN

After a year of being hiatus, the Prince of Drama is back! None other than the JM de Guzman himself with his latest album Tensionado. An album that was filled with inspiration, motivation, and experiences. It was said that his absence was due to personal matters. But not, through this album of his, a new […]


UVNS  Cebu The New School of Art & Design. Where there are…  No Minor Subjects, No Grades, No Lesson Plans, and No Attendance. Where there are…  Great Mentors. Awesome Facilities. The University of the Visayas New School of Art and Design (UVNS) is the very first university of its kind that offers courses involving radical […]

Bigasan Ko Rice Franchise

The Philippines, just like any other Asian country, is very dependent on rice as its basic and most essential staple food. As a matter of fact, the typical Filipino eat rice at least three (3) times a day. Rice production is one of the most significant food supply that plays a major role in the […]

TackThis! Philippines

With TackThis!, Madali na magbenta online!!!  With TackThis!, Selling is Made Fast and Easy!!! About TackThis! Philippines TackThis! is the all-in-one complete e-commerce solution that is perfect as a Filipino Business Online Philippines. Powered by Smart Communications, Inc., TackThis! is a growing Voyager Innovations Inc. subsidiary that specializes as a social and commercial business outlet […]

Americans and Filipino Snacks

There is always much interest as how other cultures perceive other cultures and the American and Filipino Cultures have in some ways affected one another. So, in order to understand more the Filipinos and their snacks palette, a group of Americans tried different typical Filipino snacks. Americans and Filipino snacks go together in this video. Away from […]

Informants Awarded with P5.2 million

These days, one of the means of policemen and other law enforcing bodies to capture their most notorious criminals are by putting up rewards and other incentives for possible informants. This is the reason why two informants for the PNP and NBI easily became millionaires.   These days, every information you hold about the whereabouts […]

VIRAL: Voice Over Talent

A video featuring a boy who is a promising voice over talent is now popularly circulating in social media sites. The boy, whose name is Helend Arcolas, is a graduate of San Beda College in Taytay, Rizal. The videos show that he has indeed a deep and strong voice that is perfect for dubbing or […]

JM De Guzman – ALL OF ME (cover)

Actor and singer, JM de Guzman sings his own cover of the John Legend original “All Of Me”. He serenades his listeners with his cool and soothing voice while giving his own version of the very popular song. Famous for his role in the former soap opera “Angelito: Ang Batang Ama”, JM now is focusing […]

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