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Philippine Famous Festivals

As part of the Philippine culture, Festivals are celebrated every year to honor patron saints, or commemorate an important event in the history or even celebrating for a good harvest. Some may be a cultural festival, a religious festival, non-religious, flower festival or a film festival. Philippine festivals are annually celebrated through good times or […]

Best CC Cream Philippines

In most women’s beauty regimen, CC Cream has been a part of it. CC is an abbreviation for “Color Correcting” or “Color Control”.  From its term, the cream is concern about the color or skin tone. It is formed to answer the problems of every lady about skin redness or sallowness and uneven skin tone. […]

Exotic Philippine Dishes

Exotic foods are very different, unusual or strange. It is not native to the country or maybe it is introduced from the other place. Exotic foods might taste strange yet delicious and very exciting to eat. Some examples of Exotic foods are Adobong Kamaru or mole cricket, Adobong Salagubang or june bag, Adobong Uok or […]

Best Broadband in the Philippines

In today’s modern world, internet may now be considered as a need to human being. From making homework, doing researches, gathering data, to communicating which includes the social media sites and even entertainment, booking travels and reserving hotels rooms, everything can now be done easily and conveniently with fast speed internet. Those mentioned above are […]

OFW Abroad

Filipinos outside the country are called OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers. They are the people who work hard in order to send money or to sustain the needs for their respective families. It might be good to hear that one member of the family is going out to the country for work but we can’t […]

La Salle University Ozamiz City

La Salle University is an institution started during Spanish times. LSU Ozamiz was built in 1929 and still at service for their mission in preserving the trilogy of functions of the institution. From a college institution it is now upgraded into a University with a level 3 accreditation status by virtue given by CHED and […]


Sawsawan is the term used by Filipinos for their dipping sauce. Without sawsawan, the meal will be dull and dry. Every Pinoys are used to eat dishes with sawsawan. It is very essential part of the Filipino meal. The very common sawsawan is soy sauce with vinegar or calamansi with chilis. Some pinoys added some […]

Chicser Songs

Chicser Songs with Chicser Music Videos Enjoy watching and listening to best songs and popular music videos of the hottest Male Teen Pop Group in the Philippines Today – The Chicsers Hello I Love You – Chicser (Official Music Video) Chicser ~ When You Dance Lyrics Video Chicser – Hello I Love You (Acoustic Mix) Meant […]

Hundred Islands National Park

Summer might not be in the next month yet, but it will surely come. To make sure that our summer is well spent is to plan and reserve ahead of time.   Philippines is one of the most visited countries throughout because it has plenty of beautiful beaches and sands, also of the breathtaking view […]

Spicy Filipino Recipes

Spicy dishes can make the person in good appetite. Because it would definitely boost your tongue and eat more and more and could really satisfy your cravings. Well spicy food has also a health benefits, fiber and Vitamin A. In the preceding paragraphs, there are list of spicy foods in the Philippines with its ingredients. […]

Filipino Family Problems

For Filipinos, family is very important. In fact, they are known to have close family tights. But, regardless of the great love and care within the family, just like any other, a Filipino family also may experience some serious problems. These problems are triggered by different cases and situations. One situation is when a parent […]

Best Aircon Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country and it is located near the equator and within the perimeter of the Pacific Ring of Fire. This why most of the Filipinos installed air conditioners in their homes. Air conditioners play an important role in each and every home especially in a tropical country like the Philippines. There […]

Best Beach in Mactan

Let’s make a quick escape from all of these tiring and redundant days of our work places! Let’s enjoy ourselves in the beautiful man made beaches, the best among the rest. Though there are many things you can do in Mactan Island, like sightseeing in a tricycle, swim, snorkel, and scuba dive, get a massage, […]

OFW Kuwait

  Kuwait is the official State of Kuwait. It’s one of the Arab countries in the Western Asia which lays in the northern part of Eastern Arabia. As of 2014, the population of the said city is estimated to be over 4 million. And their ruler is Emir Sabah al-Sabah.   Kuwait is also known […]

Philippine Beauty Blogs

Here are three Philippine beauty blogs that are worth checking out. Three Filipino friends blogging about fashion, food, lifestyle, and family life. Beauty website of a mommy blogger from the Philippines. Mixed Thoughts and Beauty Ideas of a Work-At-Home Pinay Mommy.  

Philippine Makeup Blogs

Philippine Makeup Blogs from different Filipino bloggers worldwide. This is  our top ten list of Pinay makeup bloggers. A blog on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle in the Philippines in search for the BEST. Beauty is freedom. I empower the everyday contemporary woman one makeup product at a time.  Philippine beauty […]

Binangkal Recipe

Binangkal is rounded shape dough coated of sesame seeds. The sesame seeds make the bread more delicious. Its shape also is a small as the ping-pong ball’s size. It’s like a dim sum – a Chinese food, which influences big time this special snack. And it taste way better if it has more sesame seeds […]

Silka Papaya Soap

Silka papaya soap is a whitening soap that is very common in the Philippines. Endorsers of the product are famous celebrities Iya Villania and Erich Gonzales. Many reviews have been posted that it really whitens and glows the skin as it’s promise with affordable price. It can purifies and whitens the skin because of its […]

Masareal Cebu

In Cebu, Philippines there are many tourists’ spots and many fascinating things to do. Buying pasalubongs is a very much trend. One of the many pasalubongs you can buy in Cebu, PH is the Masareal of Didang’s. It is the favorite of the many, from toddlers to senior citizens.   Masareal is made up of […]

Exfoliating Products Philippines

Exfoliants are needed for everyone’s skincare. Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin cells outside the skin surface. It involves all facial processes and can be achieved through chemical or physical (mechanical) means. What are chemical exfoliants? They dissolve the connection between the skin cells to the skin. They slough away the dead […]

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