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Filipino Women

The old traditional Filipino women is known for their gracefulness. They are innocent shy and beautiful people. Filipino Women especially when married are usually based only at home, they were asked if the children needs money and help for she is also  the treasurer of the family. She supports the educational needs of the children. […]

Sago Fact and Nutrition

Sago or Tapioca Pearls is a starch taken from the center of the sago palm stems. As a starch, the health benefits of sago come primarily from carbohydrates. Sago is usually used to make popular bubble teas as well as added with gulaman to make the easiest palamig drink that is very popular to drink […]

Halo Halo Chowking

Halo Halo Chowking is definitely the best and ultimate all-in-one palamig and dessert that you need get for this Summer of 2014 in the Philippines. The rainbow of colors and the combination of the different tastes and textures makes this palamig the best in the Philippines. Halo Halo Chowking is only made with the best […]

Filipina Women In The Philippines

One’s capacity isn’t directly proportional to the body that it holds. Strong bodies lure the many as it serve as a great threat. It’s irrational to assume that physical bearing obtains supremacy in the society. Willpower is held responsible for conquering whirls of waves in life’s sea of uncertainty. Filipina Women’s Week Not only to […]

SM Appliance Center Our Name Is Your Guarantee

SM Appliance Center, Inc. is one of the retail affiliates of SM Group that caters to the marketing of home appliances, office equipment, audio and video, games and gadgets in the Philippines. SM Appliance Center History The SM Appliance Center was incorporated in the Year 1991 and in the span of over twenty years (20) […]

Globe Broadband Wimax: Internet ToThe Max Guaranteed

Globe Broadband Wimax is one of the latest products and services offered by Globe Telecommunications Inc.  Customers can choose either a Data Only (Plan 999) or as a Voice Activated Bundle (Plan 1,099) where an extra basic telephone unit is attached to the modem made for local calls only.  Any other value-added features such as […]

Beef Caldereta

his is a regular dish in every Filipino cookbook. This is commonly served during special occasions such as fiesta, wedding, birthday or thanks giving. This Caldereta or Kaldereta recipe is made up of meats like chevon (goat’s meat), beef or pork meat mixed and prepared with carrots, liver spread or paste and tomato sauce. Cooking […]

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